Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How to place items?

  1. (Optional/First time)Update your Steam offer url under Predictions page.
  2. Select your team, and item(s).
  3. Click on Place items.
  4. Proceed to accept the trade offer(You may accept the trade offer on browser or Steam client).

Trade shows error when trying to trade with bot?

  1. Make sure you profile privacy settings is set to public(Viewable by anyone on the World-Wide Web).
  2. Make sure your Trade Offer Url that you updated under Predictions page is valid(must be the same account with both Steam and Dota2wage).
  3. Bots are heavily rely on Steam network. If Steam network having issues, our bots will not be working as well. What we have to do is wait for the Steam network back to normal and try again.

How to set my profile privacy settings to public?

  1. Follow below steps on Steam profile.
    Go to your Steam profile > Edit Profile > Privacy Settings > Set privacy option to "Public"

My items does not show up on Predictions page after I accept the trade offer, what do I do?

  1. Submit a ticket at Report Missing Items section.
  2. Your prediction no longer valid since we failed to capture your items. Your items will be returned regardless win or lose.

How does prediction work?

  1. Value - Your potential reward is based on the value of item.
  2. We are not bookie, we do not set the odds. Value rate are generated based on the total amount of items that placed by users.
    For Value prediction, if the total Value for team A is 100 and the total Value of team B is 20. As a result, the potential reward Value for team A is 0.2 (20 ÷ 100 = 0.2) and team B is 5 (100 ÷ 20 = 5)
  3. If the item placed rate is 0, you will not lose or win any items.
    For example, if you placed 1 item in team one, and nobody place item in team two. Team one will display 100% with reward rate of 0 and team two will display 0% with reward rate of 0. As a result, you will not win/lose any item.

What is Value?

  1. Value is the approximate price of your winning items.
    For example, if your potential reward Value is 0.7 and the total value you placed is 5. As a result, the approximate value of your winning items will be 3.5 (0.7 × 5 = 3.5)

How does Value prediction work?

  1. If you place a Mythical item, you will receive ANY rarity of item based on the value.
    For example, you placed 1 Mythical item(0.2 value) and the potential reward Value of your selected team is 0.4, potential reward Value (0.4) multiply by the total value you placed (0.2) is equal to 0.08 (0.4 × 0.2 = 0.08). As a result, you are eligible for winning up to 0.08 Value of items regardless the rarity.
  2. In some cases, if the odds are highly in favour of the team you placed, there is a small chance you may win nothing.
    For example, if there is only one person who place(a single item) on team A and two person place on team B. When team B win the match, only one person who place on team B will receive a item and another one will get nothing.

Why the total value of my winning items is less/more than the approximate value?

  1. It is because different items has different value and the item cannot be split into multiple items. Therefore, the system will distribute the items that close to the approximate value.
    For example, if your total approximate value is 1.5, you may get 3 items with total value of 1.3 (0.5 + 0.5 + 0.3)

Why the value of my items shows N/A?

  1. Some of the items does not have value in our system, therefore it will show N/A.
  2. Another reason which is the items doesn't have Quality(Standard, Frozen, Auspicious), you may retrieve the item and re-deposit again.
  3. All the items with N/A value will be served as 0 value.

Why does reward rate change after i placed items?

  1. We do not charge a vig/juice (commission for taking your items as a percentage profit), reward rate is completely based on the total amount of items that placed by users. Every single item that placed by users will affect the reward rate.
    For example, if someone switch from team one to team two, the reward rate will be change because the total items placed in team one has decreased whereas the total items placed in team two has increased.

Why does my returned item is different from the original item?

  1. We will give back your item based on the ID(defindex) of the item. Therefore, you might or might not getting back the original item.
    For example, if you placed an item with a gem, you might getting back the same item without a gem.

When does my item expire?

  1. We will take back those items that inactive for more than 60 days.
    You can check your expiry date in the description box.
  2. If you account has been blocked from trading(re-enable Steam Guard or etc), you can place your existing items(directly from your inventory) in order to reset the expiry date.

How to withdraw my items from inventory?

    1. (Optional/First time)Update your Steam offer url.
    2. Go to Inventory page
    3. Select the item(s) that you wish to collect.
    4. Click on Show Available Bots under My Inventory(You must have items in your inventory)
    5. Choose any bot and click on Request
    6. Proceed to accept the trade offer.

My backpack is not up-to-date?

  1. Some items doesn't show up in your inventory,
    If the particular item doesn't show up, it means that the items it not available for match precdiction. Please use other item instead.

Items that below 1 value no longer available for match prediction.

  1. In order to improve the rewards of the match prediction, items that below 1 value will be temporarily disable for match prediction.
    You will no longer can place items that less than 1 value. On the other hand, the single item of your potential rewards will always more than 1 value.
  2. Since you will no longer get item that lower than 1 value, if the remaining potential rewards is less than 1, it will be converted into W coins which can be exchange for items in the Market(coming soon)
    For example, if your potential rewards is 1.56, and you get one item which is 1.15 as return, the remaining 0.41 (1.56 - 1.15) will be converted into coins and you can redeem for item in the Market.

What is W coins?

  1. It is a virtual coins which can redeem for items in the market(coming soon) within Dota2wage.
  2. How can i get W coins?
    By placing items into the match prediction, remaining value of your potential rewards will be converted into coins.