1. Match - Series of games played by two teams.
  2. Game - A game within a match.
  3. Defwin - Default win for a match or game without actual compete due to any reason.
  4. Start of the match - The moment that both teams started the drafting phase of the game.
  5. First Blood - First kill within a game.

  1. No cancellation are allowed once the items has been placed.
  2. Users are allowed to switch between two teams witin a match before the start time(5 minutes before) of the match.
  3. The team with higher score(winner of the game) will be determined as the winner of the match.
  4. If the final score of the match is draw, all items will returned. For example, a match with match format of best of two and the final score is 1 - 1 for both teams, all items will be returned.
  5. If any one of the team has been determined as the winner(defwin) BEFORE the start of the match, all items will be returned.
  6. If the match has been officially cancelled by the tournament organizer, regardless before or after the start of the match, all items will be returned.
  7. If the match has been moved forward and we are unable to close the bet before the start time, all items will be returned.
  8. Any other changes such as stands in, roster changes, game format, datetime and etc, the bet will remain active.
  9. We reserve the right to change these rules at anytime for any reason without notice.

  1. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome to improve the current rules, contact us to let us know your thoughts.