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11 months ago, Oct 22 at 1:06 PM

➸ Need profit,don't offer me if your items cost lower than mine.

➸ May also go 1:1 if you're offering one item that costs about the same as my item.

➸ You may leave you offer here,send it on steam or add me to discuss our trade.

➸ I don't trade on hold.Never.

➸ I don't need weathers,corrupted,cursed,heroic,autographed,infused items etc.

➸ I'm interested ONLY in dota 2 items,no CS:GO items,no real money,no steam games.

➸ If you want to offer me set,please unpack it first,as you know if it's packed it's cost is higher than it is normally.

➸ Please,please don't offer me many cheap items,no way I'll accept this offer.

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Taku Yaki

Sir Sparrow
Taku Yaki
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  • 11 months ago, Oct 15 at 11:08 AM

Sir Sparrow
  • Sir Sparrow Add 11 months ago, Oct 15 at 11:10 AM
  • What is this? Your cour is worth nothing.